Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Two idols working together: Schwarzie/Aronofsky

We just read that Arnold Schwarzenegger (soon again in our big screens with Terminator Genysis) will work with our idol Darren Aronofsky (Requiem For A Dream, The Wrestler, Black Swan). He will be producing the film whilst  directed by Javier Dullon. 

We have to say that he is improving everyday as an actor and can be taken seriously. His latest film Maggie is a proof that he can play dramatic roles and go beyond explosions and guns. An applause for this team-up! 

For the curious ones, here's the trailer of Maggie 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Red Curtain Cinema off to Glastonbury 2015!

We are off to Glastonbury 2015 but we will be back very soon! We will listen to good music but also going to watch a few classic films shown there. Keep posted!

RIP James Horner

Sad news yesterday: composer of Titanic, Avatar, Apollo 13 has died in a plane crash. 

As an final homage to James Horner, we leave you one of the best pieces he ever wrote. So much sensitivity and honesty into a music. His music will still be heard for a long time. RIP James Horner. 


Monday, 22 June 2015

Classic movie of the month: The Haunting

A classic of the classics. Even if you dislike horror films, this is A MUST.
If a suspense film had a godfather, this would one of them. A paranormal investigator takes a group of people to a supposedly haunted house for research purposes.  The dark and long corridors from the house come to life to frighten them and whisper deep questions to the main characters. Many of the scenes which occur in this haunted house are a metaphor of the infinite power of the mind upon the body. This house has many secrets: obscure thoughts and dark stories. Whilst characters immerse deeper in fear, they will uncover their deepest impulses to reveal their true colors.  

Robert Earl Wise (who also directed West Side Story) was in charge of this film. The film was not a massive success but had positive mentions by film critics. Today it is considered to be one of the best suspense/horror films ever made. The great care taken by Wise to have low lights and adopt camera angles suggesting a constant presence with the characters creates an uneasy environment. No one is at ease in a house who is opening a door to its darker impulses. Many scenes from this films are considered to be a classic for never showing anything: all what is obscure and scary is hidden. Films such as  The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity and Jaws can say thank you. 

Ready for a good Saturday night movie? Want to hold the love of your life in your arms whilst having an exciting fright? Just trust Red Curtain Cinema! 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Movie endings...with great music! (SPOILER)


Spoiler alert! How many times we have seen a film and the last song in the ending gave an added value of excitement? We selected a few endings which if they didn't have that magical song, it would have been different. 

  • Driver (2011)- Song: Electric Youth, A real hero 

  • Cruel Intentions (1999)-  Song:  The Verve- Bittersweet symphony 

  • Fight Club (1999)- Song: The Pixies- Where is my mind? 

  • The Graduate (1967)- Song: Simon & Garfunkel - The sound of silence

  • The Breakfast Club (1985)- Song: Simple minds- Don't you forget about me

Probably one of our favorites. If you haven't seen this film, dismiss it. 

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Jurassic World (3/5, Regular)

 The day has finally come. The Jurassic Park saga is back on our screens again and this time, they decided to make everything bigger, stronger and,,,BIGGER! However, this quest for bringing a big show to our hungry eyes has a cost.

Jurassic World- former Jurassic Park- is now open. People see Dinosaurs as if they were animals from a zoo. This park, behind its high-tech infrastructure and facilities, is expecting a disaster. Once more, everything goes to hell with enormous dinosaurs destroying everything on their way. We know how it goes, we have seen 3 previous films like that! 

So the real question now, does this new Jurassic Park meet our expectations? Half-way actually! We have incredible special effects (of course, Jurassic Park has been known for that) and great action sequences. There are thrilling scenes which make most of the show. The story is very simple and director Colin Tremorrow wants to keep it that way: gives a blow of spectacular and leave us attached to our seats. He is actually able to make it as many scenes are very entertaining. It's a Jurassic Park made with heart (it is advised to see the first movie to enjoy all the references). 

The problem lies in its simplicity actually. All the characters (especially the two young teenagers) are uninteresting. They don't have anything to share, anything to give to the story. They are so simplistic that they easily fall into clichés. It actually looks like a 1990 film made in 2015. Yes it sounds weird, ,we know,  but it is true. As you have a film with no characters (even the characters from the terrible Jurassic Park III have more depth!), there is not real emotional power. We are actually amazed by that: the film was so highly expected that they could have given a bit more to the characters. 

As it is a Jurassic Park movie, we think it was a regular movie. However without that label, it would be a bad one. That tells you a lot about this new feature. You will have fun, you will be thrilled (and impressed by the action scenes (we recommend to see it in the IMAX 3D) . However if you expect a story, characters...forget it! Therefore we left the cinema with a bittersweet feeling. Feeling that something which could have been really good is actually...bad. 

Red Curtain Cinema at BFI Imax, London 


Friday, 12 June 2015

Ferris Bueller's Day Off scene

There are scenes which make you remember why you love cinema. For us, this scene is one of them.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

RIP Christopher Lee

Sir Christopher Lee, one of the greatest actors in the cinema (especially in the horror genre) has left this world to enter into the eternal one. Screens will miss him as well as his deep voice.

and a small video as an homage...

New exciting films coming on: Regression and The Walk!

To you people out there, we share with you fresh cinema news! Two films that we look forward to see made by two great directors. They will coming out soon, so we leave you with the intrigue and the desire to see more in a dark cinema room

Regression by Alejandro Amenabar 

Fresh new poster 

Spanish filmmaker Alejandro Amenabar makes his comeback with a genre that he is familiar with: a thriller. After directing masterpieces such as Abre los ojos, The others and Mar adentro, he hired actress Emma Watson (the most successful of the Harry Potter trio) and the amazing Ethan Hawke. What else can we ask? A good director/screenwriter and two great actors with a spooky story coming ahead. Enjoy the new trailer!

The Walk by Robert Zemeckis 

Based on the true story of a crazy French dude that decided to walk between the Twin Towers in the 1970s. A documentary has already been made (Man on wire) telling this particular story. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the main actor and the first images of the film are very thrilling! We can expect great things from Zemeckis, director of Forrest Gump and Cast Away. Only for your eyes, here is the new trailer!


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Ex Machina (5/5, Excellent)

Screenwriter Alex Garland directs his first feature with a dark story about artificial intelligence, love and life. A disturbing and a brilliant film. Bravo.

Caleb (Domhall Gleeson) wins a contest and has the chance to spend a weekend with software genius Nathan (Oscar Isaac) in a remote mansion. This latter has pierced scientific and philosophical boundaries: he created a robot, Ava (Alicia Vikander) who will be tested by Caleb to see if she can be recognized not as a robot but as a human being. However many dark deeds surround both Ava and Nathan. Who to trust? Who to believe? 

Screenwriter Alex Garland (The Beach, 28 days later, Sunshine) directs his first film and what an accomplishment! He could bring together different influences from The Matrix to The Shining. He is a film fan and it can be easily guessed. The film occurs in one week and each day is a step forward a dark abyss. The degrading context is beautifully engineered by a good script (written by Garland himself) accompanied with a beautiful acting (especially by Vikander). 

Cinematography has been done with great care, putting forward mirror reflections as if they were illustrations of our darkest impulses. Life can be created from a bright mind but what it cannot ever be controlled are the feelings of the ''created''. Garland is not afraid to talk about philosophical issues such as freedom, love , desire and power. These are contemporary ones which cross our lives and thoughts. You don't like philosophy? Do not worry, Garland handles it very well to give further dramatic intensity to the story. 

An incredible surprise for a film that we thought it wouldn't be that interesting. The issue of Artificial Intelligence has been overused in contemporary sci-fi but this time, it has been given an interesting focus. Is it possible to feel desire for a machine? Is it real love or is it only an illusion? Can we really love then? Important questions that we will never know the answers for sure. This film does not try to answer them, it adds further enigma. The matter is therefore to keep wondering what are the answers. 


Mad Max: Fury Road (3/5, Regular)

A vertiginous apocalyptic road trip embedded in a infinite desert where the law of the strongest prevails.Very entertaining.

The fourth installment of the Mad Max franchise finally arrived! We had to wait for years to see this new feature, Most problems were related with the script and also if Mel Gibson would accept to be part of it. The producers decided to go another way: rehire the same director George Miller from previous Mad Max movies and putting new actors (Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron) in front of the cameras. Now they have an excuse to continue making new Mad Max films. Tom Hardy is a very convincing Max, adding a darker tone to the character. Thumbs up for Charlize Theron: her stolen femininity due to a world of macho prevalence is seen in her eyes. 

The vertiginous rhythm of the story does not let you breathe:everything goes so fast like if we were...mad. This apocalyptic world is scary enough to make us feel uncomfortable giving a darker touch to the saga. George Miller knew it: he had to impress the fans and newcomers. He focused his efforts on making an outstanding production design and original action sequences. The more the film goes on, the bigger the action sequences. We cannot think, it is all about survival. Survival is aggressive and you don't have time to think. 

 Another original asset is that the action sequences are all car-chasing scenes. It is hard to imagine how many technical barriers the crew overcame to shoot the scenes. The editing was key to transmit  this feeling of adrenaline. Of course, putting so much focus into the action undermines the dramatic story but Miller seems to whisper into your ear: "You want to know more? Check my other Mad Max films!". Bold move. 

The film is hugely entertaining and satisfies anyone in seek of explosions, fights and stunning stunts. If you are a sensitive person, forget it. This is not for you. The real shame is that Mad Max: Fury Road will be easily forgotten. In opposition to the 1st and 3rd films, it does not offer anything to remember. Nevertheless, it is still a Mad Max movie!


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Brokeback Mountain theme- Magical theme from Gustavo Santaolalla

We share with you this beautiful tune from Argentine composer Gustavo Santaolalla. He won the Oscar for Best Soundtrack with this film. Close your eyes and relax with the sweet guitar.

Monday, 8 June 2015

If James Cameron says it...then?

We think the video speaks for itself. Hopefully Terminator Genysis won't be a disappointment like the two previous films

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Fast and Furious 7 (2/5, Bad)

Another film with the same old bunch of people who like to ride very fast and overall, very furious. A cocktail of explosions and almost no drama except one: this was the last's Paul Walker film.

Fast and Furious 7 takes back where Fast and Furious 6 (such a weird sentence isn't it?) finished: Jason Statham presenting himself as the new bad guy. For a movie action fan, this is great. For someone wanting the Fast and Furious saga to finish, the worst nightmare. Director James Wan (Final Destination, Saw I ) is behind the camera for this one. We thought it could be promising: he has an inch for dark stories. Sadly the only dark thing happened far from the cameras when Paul Walker died in a car accident. 

Universal Studios had great interest in this film. That is why 80% of the film is pure action. However we are far from realistic stunts. CGI have replaced the big stunts and even Paul Walker in certain scenes (perhaps one of the greatest achievements in this film). Fans will have a blast: they have explosions, cheesy sentences, close-ups on beautiful women's assess. Do we like it? Not really, it starts to be boring. 

It is a film with no inspiration, except the tone of self-parody in a few scenes. It is so exaggerated that you laugh at it. Nevertheless we highlight the end and how they close the curtains on Paul Walker's character (and on the real actor). Very moving and a beautiful homage. Perhaps it is the best thing in the film and it's sad to say it. Our final verdict: same cocktail, same recipe, just bigger. 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Don't you...

A great song for finishing a great movie. Just enjoy the song!

Monday, 1 June 2015

It's coming!

#CinemaIsAction : when Movies go beyond a story- Episode I

Red Curtain Cinema is more than proud to present a new edition: "Cinema is Action!"
We are used to see a film with a story that will have a final dot once the theater lights are on. Nevertheless some of them have an additional purpose besides entertaining us: to make us see a new painting of reality.

There are two specific films that come to our minds. They are not necessarily easy to watch ,as most movies that seek to illustrate a harsh reality, but they are brilliant in what they have to tell. We heard many times about certain diseases but do not understand it. There are organizations that try not only to find a cure but also to make these people feel they are still part of society. We value those contributions and thought of sharing two films which represent this spirit of solidarity and struggle. 

  • You're Not You (2014) 

An excellent Hillary Swank portrays a woman who is suffering ALS. Her body becomes a prison for her whilst her marriage is becoming colder and distant. Everything changes when she meets a controversial student rebel (Emmy Rossum) with whom she will have a great friendship.
Do you remember the ice bucket challenge that went viral? It was for raising awareness with the ALS disease. Even if the film has certain "Nicholas Sparkols touch" (no worries, he has nothing to do with this film), we still recommend to have it on your list. 

  • Still Alice (2015) 

This is probably one of the most heartbreaking films we ever seen. We can still remember the sound of silence when the film was over. We leave the room sad and shocked. However it is an invaluable testimony of Alice (Julianne Moore) loosing her memory. Memory is everything: it is the book of our minds and of our lives. Once the pages are being teared apart, you lose yourself.
We never enjoyed watching films depicting people slowly fading away from this world. However in Still Alice there is a militant purpose: to make us understand what Alzheimer's disease really is about. Once we understand something, we are able to face it and do something about it. 

This was our first edition of  #CinemaIsAction. If you have other films to recommend, send us a message! #ActToMakeAChange 
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