Thursday, 4 June 2015

Fast and Furious 7 (2/5, Bad)

Another film with the same old bunch of people who like to ride very fast and overall, very furious. A cocktail of explosions and almost no drama except one: this was the last's Paul Walker film.

Fast and Furious 7 takes back where Fast and Furious 6 (such a weird sentence isn't it?) finished: Jason Statham presenting himself as the new bad guy. For a movie action fan, this is great. For someone wanting the Fast and Furious saga to finish, the worst nightmare. Director James Wan (Final Destination, Saw I ) is behind the camera for this one. We thought it could be promising: he has an inch for dark stories. Sadly the only dark thing happened far from the cameras when Paul Walker died in a car accident. 

Universal Studios had great interest in this film. That is why 80% of the film is pure action. However we are far from realistic stunts. CGI have replaced the big stunts and even Paul Walker in certain scenes (perhaps one of the greatest achievements in this film). Fans will have a blast: they have explosions, cheesy sentences, close-ups on beautiful women's assess. Do we like it? Not really, it starts to be boring. 

It is a film with no inspiration, except the tone of self-parody in a few scenes. It is so exaggerated that you laugh at it. Nevertheless we highlight the end and how they close the curtains on Paul Walker's character (and on the real actor). Very moving and a beautiful homage. Perhaps it is the best thing in the film and it's sad to say it. Our final verdict: same cocktail, same recipe, just bigger. 

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