Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road (3/5, Regular)

A vertiginous apocalyptic road trip embedded in a infinite desert where the law of the strongest prevails.Very entertaining.

The fourth installment of the Mad Max franchise finally arrived! We had to wait for years to see this new feature, Most problems were related with the script and also if Mel Gibson would accept to be part of it. The producers decided to go another way: rehire the same director George Miller from previous Mad Max movies and putting new actors (Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron) in front of the cameras. Now they have an excuse to continue making new Mad Max films. Tom Hardy is a very convincing Max, adding a darker tone to the character. Thumbs up for Charlize Theron: her stolen femininity due to a world of macho prevalence is seen in her eyes. 

The vertiginous rhythm of the story does not let you breathe:everything goes so fast like if we were...mad. This apocalyptic world is scary enough to make us feel uncomfortable giving a darker touch to the saga. George Miller knew it: he had to impress the fans and newcomers. He focused his efforts on making an outstanding production design and original action sequences. The more the film goes on, the bigger the action sequences. We cannot think, it is all about survival. Survival is aggressive and you don't have time to think. 

 Another original asset is that the action sequences are all car-chasing scenes. It is hard to imagine how many technical barriers the crew overcame to shoot the scenes. The editing was key to transmit  this feeling of adrenaline. Of course, putting so much focus into the action undermines the dramatic story but Miller seems to whisper into your ear: "You want to know more? Check my other Mad Max films!". Bold move. 

The film is hugely entertaining and satisfies anyone in seek of explosions, fights and stunning stunts. If you are a sensitive person, forget it. This is not for you. The real shame is that Mad Max: Fury Road will be easily forgotten. In opposition to the 1st and 3rd films, it does not offer anything to remember. Nevertheless, it is still a Mad Max movie!


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