Thursday, 30 April 2015

Alternate Movie endings...better or worst?

So many directors wondered whether they should keep "Ending A" or "Ending B". You wouldn't imagine how many directors hesitated and a few of them, in our humble opinion, made the RIGHT choice! These endings could have changed the whole and even, make a masterpiece become into a piece of trash. We will show you a few examples... however, there are (of course) spoilers in this post. Do not watch it unless you saw these films (which we suppose you did!). 

Number 1: Titanic (1997)

Yes folks, Titanic has indeed another ending. What would it be? If you were thinking whether DiCaprio survives...forget it! DiCaprio still lies at the bottom of the ocean. So what is different? Here's the answer. To be frank, thank you James Cameron for not choosing this horrible ending!!


                                                           Alternate ending


Are you relieved? 

Number 2: Terminator (1984)

The same James Cameron comes with an alternate ending! This ending is terrific. Kyle, sent back from the future to protect Sarah Connor from the machine Terminator, survives. Instead of an optimistic ending, Kyle - who doesn't die in this ending - decides to do something in order to avoid the end of the world (though it would have meant no Terminator saga).



                                                             Alternate ending

 Number 3: Blade Runner (1982/2007) 

Apparently there are more than 7 versions of this film. The cult film directed by Ridley Scott has been subject to many cuts but with two endings. The Final Cut is the version preferred by Scott and by us too! The first one is known as the 'happy ending', where Ford and Young travel to the countryside to start a new life together. This scene starts right with the alternate ending. The other one is much more darker and leaves mystery.There is much more uncertainty about the fate of the two characters. The 2007 ending is much more coherent with the dark tone of the film.

                                                                Original (1982)


                                                             Final Cut (2007)


So what do you think so far? Do you want more? 

Friday, 24 April 2015

Remembering film catastrophes

Perhaps you already saw this picture but we find it haunting. A volcano eruption in Chile that started a few days ago. This is the kind of picture a Catastrophe film director would love to have. Look at the lightnings and how they embrace the lava. It gives us chills. 
This reminded us of the film genre 'catastrophe'. It has been fading away in the last years (especially after box office flops such as Poseidon (2006) and more recently, Into the Storm) but by the 1970s, it was definitely easy money for the Hollywood Studios. Think about it, there are great classics: The Poseidon Adventure (1972)The Towering Inferno (1974), Earthquake (1974). The 1970s were definitely the golden age of 'catastrophe'. However, as any other movie trend like today with the superheroes, it vanished. 

What does this film genre represents to us? There could be different answers, but we definitely think that is related with the fear of human beings towards Nature. Our culture taught us that we left the savage and nomad world to build cities and great technologies. There is an underlying idea: we are separated from it. Global warming and natural habitats' destruction are a consequence of this cultural separation of Modernity vs Nature. Curiously, the 'catastrophe' film genre brings up things that we forget: Nature is powerful and affects our daily lives. It is scary because all of a sudden, this 'Modern' world does not protect us anymore against these natural events.
Are these films successful because they explore our fears? Do people find this fear exciting? Probably. However we do not see many of those films today compared to the 1970s-1980s? Did it correspond to a 'esprit d'epoque'? 

Going full now to the Cinema, the picture above reminded us of a new attempt from the Hollywood Studios in the 1990s to relaunch film catastrophes. There were two great competitions (yes, two different films talking about the same topic and having a stiff competition to release it as soon as possible). We remembered these four films with nostalgia because today, you wouldn't see a film like these ones!

                                            1997: Volcano Vs Dante's Peak
Hollywood decided to go with two films related to Volcanos! This picture from Chile reminded us of these two films. The first one is a Volcanic eruption in the middle of Los Angeles, the other one is in a small town in the mountains. If we had to choose between the two, Dante's Peak is definitely much more fun! And indeed, the winner at the box-office was Dante's Peak. It was a commercial and critical success compared to Volcano. Nevertheless, the tone of the two films is pretty hilarious: it is so 1990s! 

                                            1998: Armageddon vs Deep Impact

This was the golden year for catastrophe (if we consider Titanic as one of them). This time, it was Asteroids heading towards the Earth. Of course, the Americans (!!!) had to save the world. Both films had a massive budget for spectacular special effects and very little scientific accuracy (though we'll give credit to Deep Impact for paying a bit more attention to detail). Armageddon is a masterpiece: it is so much non-sense that it is incredible. To send oil drillers to an Asteroid in space...of course, it's pure Michael Bay!!! Armageddon was a commercial success whilst Deep Impact was a flop. Both are entertaining , even if we prefer Bruce Willis saving the world! 

Check these films and then compare with one of the newest film catastrophes ( 2012, San Andreas, Sharknado 1-2-3(?) ) and let us know what do you see! 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

We have to say, this looks so bad-ass!! Hopefully it will be epic. In a time where people is starting to get tired of superheroes, this will have a great challenge!

These are the new teaser posters (released today!). Very fresh and good. We like the reference to political publicity in the street (the strong red color, the wet paper).

And finally, the released trailer! We still have to wait a year for this!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Match (5/5, Very Good)

An outstanding film supported by three actors illustrating love, honesty and loneliness. A very pleasant surprise.

Tobi (Patrick Stewart) is a man who achieved a successful career in the ballet scene. He danced and directed many Ballets in the most prestigious theaters around the globe. Despite his notoriety and prestige, he is a lonely man. He finds a balance in his loneliness but also his recognition as a great figure in the Ballet world. However everything changes once he is interviewed by a student (Carla Gugino) and her husband (Matthew Lillard), curious to know more about the ballet world. 

Having seen the trailer at the BFI Flare last March, we wanted to assist and watch the film. Sadly it was sold-out and we had to wait until the next opportunity would come. It was worth the waiting. The film is incredibly intense whilst it doesn't undermine its delicacy and sensitivity. The casting is definitely the best element in here. Patrick Stewart is colossus as this man who behind his humor, hides a very hurt and sad man. Matthew Lillard is making a brilliant come-back after shining in low-budget teen movies. 

These are the kind of pearls Cinema has to look for. It has everything in it: humor, drama, a great photography, interesting soundtrack. All these elements combined together make this film directed and adapted from his own theater play, Stephen Belber. He has the ability to take the story into a powerful ending where the three characters meet and are enlightened by their own weaknesses and strengths.It is a trip which will change deeply the three of them. Highly recommended, you won't regret it. 

Friday, 10 April 2015

Music videos based on movies

We have already written a post about Film Directors who make a music video. This time we go the other way around: music videos who are inspired by films! First watch the videoclip and then think! Would you be able to guess?

  • Tonight,Tonight-The Smashing Pumpkins

19th Century, a couple travelling to the moon with a rocket, monsters in the moon....which film is it?

And the answer is...

"Le voyage dans la Lune" was a short-film by great French director Mélies. It was made in 1902 and the film follows a couple who travel to the moon. It is one of the most well-known films in history.

  • Time is running out-Muse

A round table, military Generals dancing...which film is it?

And the answer is...

Our favorite from Stanley Kubrick. A truly masterpiece. Satirical, sarcastic until the end, most of the film occurs in the 'War Room'. If you haven't seen it, do it now!

  • California Love-Tupac feat. Dr Dre-California Love

Yes sir. The great Tupac and Dr. Dre decided to make an homage to one of the best films of the 1980s. Which one is it?

And the answer is...

Yes my friends. Mad Mad 3! Think about it: industrial cars, deserts, nomads... An unmissable film from the 1980s!

  • Everlong-Foo Fighters

A house, evil, ghosts. Important elements for a horror film...but it is today, a cult film.

And the answer is...

One of the best horror films ever directed by Sam Raimi (Spiderman trilogy). If you like scary movies, you won't regret it!

  • Walk-Foo Fighters

Our friends from Foo Fighters again! Another awesome homage to a guy who you shouldn't have bothered in that particular day...

And the answer is...

Instead of going angry against the world, just watch this film. Your deepest impulses of anger will be displayed on the screen. A must from the 1990s.

You enjoyed this? You got more ideas? Share them with us!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Burden of Peace (Very Good, 5/5)- Human Rights Watch Film Festival, London

A gripping documentary about a Latin American country that still suffers from its past scars. Impunity, corruption and cries for justice is an usual topic in Guatemala. However one woman decided to stand-up and make a difference: Claudia Paz y Paz.

When two Dutch filmmakers heard about the story of violence and impunity in Guatemala, this would be the start of a new journey. Human Rights militant and lawyer Claudia Paz y Paz was  appointed General Attorney in Guatemala and decided to give fresh air to a bureaucratic and inefficient Judiciary system. It would be a new start for the country and people's trust in Justice was being rebuilt. However this was not her only purpose: she targeted previous military dictators from the 1980s who decided with lightness to kill supposed conspiring communists. An too old story well known in Latin America. It will be a struggle, it will be hard. Nevertheless, Justice can be heard by those ignored by a society who wanted to forget their scars. 

This documentary is gripping and an invaluable historical document for our modern culture. It pictures a weak democracy with low levels of social and political accountability and where impunity is one of the norms. A group of people led by Paz y Paz decided to go against the tide. The sequences we watch are stunning: the camera lives both with this Human Rights militant in her intimacy and at work. It is rare to be such a privileged witness of transparency within an State department and see the issues that Paz y Paz had to face ( resistance from the establishment to Justice, the bureaucratic inefficiency, the threats to her life). This is an example of a woman who decided to open the doors of the Judiciary system to people: we, as viewers, are part of this new transition.

This is a hard struggle of a continent still asking for Justice. This is an essential film because it mirrors many Latin American countries: cases such as in Chile and Argentina have certain similarities with Guatemala. Besides the context in which we are inserted, this is the brave struggle of a woman (the first woman ever to take charge as a General Attorney) who despite her small and cute voice, is an example of toughness and courage. Red Curtain Cinema cannot but only applause with this documentary who reminds us that this world needs more people interested in Politics. Political apathy is a tool used by the most powerful. You just need to believe you can make a change and Claudia Paz y Paz was one of them. She did it.


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