Monday, 1 June 2015

#CinemaIsAction : when Movies go beyond a story- Episode I

Red Curtain Cinema is more than proud to present a new edition: "Cinema is Action!"
We are used to see a film with a story that will have a final dot once the theater lights are on. Nevertheless some of them have an additional purpose besides entertaining us: to make us see a new painting of reality.

There are two specific films that come to our minds. They are not necessarily easy to watch ,as most movies that seek to illustrate a harsh reality, but they are brilliant in what they have to tell. We heard many times about certain diseases but do not understand it. There are organizations that try not only to find a cure but also to make these people feel they are still part of society. We value those contributions and thought of sharing two films which represent this spirit of solidarity and struggle. 

  • You're Not You (2014) 

An excellent Hillary Swank portrays a woman who is suffering ALS. Her body becomes a prison for her whilst her marriage is becoming colder and distant. Everything changes when she meets a controversial student rebel (Emmy Rossum) with whom she will have a great friendship.
Do you remember the ice bucket challenge that went viral? It was for raising awareness with the ALS disease. Even if the film has certain "Nicholas Sparkols touch" (no worries, he has nothing to do with this film), we still recommend to have it on your list. 

  • Still Alice (2015) 

This is probably one of the most heartbreaking films we ever seen. We can still remember the sound of silence when the film was over. We leave the room sad and shocked. However it is an invaluable testimony of Alice (Julianne Moore) loosing her memory. Memory is everything: it is the book of our minds and of our lives. Once the pages are being teared apart, you lose yourself.
We never enjoyed watching films depicting people slowly fading away from this world. However in Still Alice there is a militant purpose: to make us understand what Alzheimer's disease really is about. Once we understand something, we are able to face it and do something about it. 

This was our first edition of  #CinemaIsAction. If you have other films to recommend, send us a message! #ActToMakeAChange 

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