Saturday, 13 June 2015

Jurassic World (3/5, Regular)

 The day has finally come. The Jurassic Park saga is back on our screens again and this time, they decided to make everything bigger, stronger and,,,BIGGER! However, this quest for bringing a big show to our hungry eyes has a cost.

Jurassic World- former Jurassic Park- is now open. People see Dinosaurs as if they were animals from a zoo. This park, behind its high-tech infrastructure and facilities, is expecting a disaster. Once more, everything goes to hell with enormous dinosaurs destroying everything on their way. We know how it goes, we have seen 3 previous films like that! 

So the real question now, does this new Jurassic Park meet our expectations? Half-way actually! We have incredible special effects (of course, Jurassic Park has been known for that) and great action sequences. There are thrilling scenes which make most of the show. The story is very simple and director Colin Tremorrow wants to keep it that way: gives a blow of spectacular and leave us attached to our seats. He is actually able to make it as many scenes are very entertaining. It's a Jurassic Park made with heart (it is advised to see the first movie to enjoy all the references). 

The problem lies in its simplicity actually. All the characters (especially the two young teenagers) are uninteresting. They don't have anything to share, anything to give to the story. They are so simplistic that they easily fall into clichés. It actually looks like a 1990 film made in 2015. Yes it sounds weird, ,we know,  but it is true. As you have a film with no characters (even the characters from the terrible Jurassic Park III have more depth!), there is not real emotional power. We are actually amazed by that: the film was so highly expected that they could have given a bit more to the characters. 

As it is a Jurassic Park movie, we think it was a regular movie. However without that label, it would be a bad one. That tells you a lot about this new feature. You will have fun, you will be thrilled (and impressed by the action scenes (we recommend to see it in the IMAX 3D) . However if you expect a story, characters...forget it! Therefore we left the cinema with a bittersweet feeling. Feeling that something which could have been really good is actually...bad. 

Red Curtain Cinema at BFI Imax, London 


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