Friday, 25 September 2015

#SecretCinema: #StarWars The Empire Strikes Back

One of the greatest experiences we ever had. You enter into the world of Star Wars and you have to undertake very important missions! While you wait for your ship to take you to the world of "Star Wars Episode V", you are going to walk in the city of Tatooine and in the Death Star. You will encounter Darth Vador, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca...and many others! 

These are the last days for #SecretCinema #StarWars so we HEAVILY recommend: GET your tickets straight away Londoners! It is the worth the price, it is worth the adventure! Go for it, it is simply stunning. 

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Interactive video "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens"

An outstanding video for the new Star Wars film. Very original and entertaining. 360 degrees experience, interactive and revealing about the new planets we will visit with the new Star Wars installment.  

                                                            Click here to try it out!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Original music video- Odezenne

This is an amazing music video by Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka (known for a short-film "Dedans"). We wanted to share fresh and original videos. This is a pearl recommended by #RedCurtainCinema

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

#Colonia trailer : the new #EmmaWatson film

This is Colonia, with Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl. The topic , set in the turbulent Latin American history from the 1970s, is very promising. Check the latest trailer!

#BridgeOfSpies: new #Spielberg film with #TomHanks

Fresh fresh trailer from this film set during the Cold-War. The topic is catchy and the great Tom Hanks is on it. What are you waiting for? Check the trailer!

The Jungle Book teaser

The new upcoming "The Jungle Book" is a partially- live-action film directed by Jon Favreau (Chef, Iron Man) . How fresh is it gonna be? You make up your mind by checking these first images! 

Not bad right??

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis recreating shot by shot Janet Leigh's Psycho scene. Two scream queens together in one picture. And guess what? They are also Mother and Daughter. This is part of the #HonorThyMother online campaign. How would you honor yours? 

Sunday, 13 September 2015

A little bit of fun...

Outtakes are part of any filming process, and sometimes they are hilarious. We share with you this best-of of cinema outtakes for this Sunday. Enjoy!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Ten Thousand Saints (4/5, Good)

A coming-of-age drama led by the great Ethan Hawke and the now grown-up Asa Butterfield about a group of people living the chaos of the 1980s New York City.

Four people going through different phases in their lives. Four people that meet and try to live in the fast-pace rhythm of New York city. The city was changing: the end of the Cold War , the rise of the massive globalization, the beginning of grunge and alternative rock music. As the world go through those changes, these four characters have to cope and follow the wind of change. However change comes with hard challenges and that is what growing up is all about. 

This film from Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini is representative of their style: realistic, raw cinematography, crude music. Their documentary style clearly shines in this film wanting to tell not only a story but also to expose the reality of a changing urban landscape. New York has always been the symbol of urbanism and it is evolving constantly. The originality of the script of aligning New York's pace with the character's changes is a reminder for people to remember that they also are the consequence of their environment. We are vulnerable to it and we depend on it to build ourselves and show our true colours.

Ethan Hawke is simply genius. Playing a father's role like in Boyhood, he still achieves to feel curious about this progressive and hippie dad who named his son Jude after the Beatles' song. However this also highlights one of the weaknesses of the film: the characters are built upon the momentum and not on their life history. We know only the facette of the people at the specific moment of an ever-changing New York city. This gives less depth and complexity to the characters. Shame because the story context was perfect for that. Nevertheless it is still an enjoyable and good dramatic film to watch. It isn't a masterpiece but it isn't a bad movie either. It is simply a good film.

A secret cultural protest: #LoveRefugees

For our dear Londoners, Secret Cinema is holding an event after this terrible refugee crisis that Europe is facing. We think it is a great initiative to bring people together around an issue and also, giving the power to art to compel us as individuals. Let's try to understand these people instead of closing our eyes or discriminating them. Think what these refugees have been and are going through. Red Curtain Cinema is against indifference and discrimination. 

This Secret Cinema event is a great opportunity to talk and think about this issue. You should take it. 

New "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" poster

Pretty cool huh? This is the new poster! Also good news for the UK people: the film will be released one day earlier before the rest of the world. Lucky people eh! Anyway, we are getting closer everyday to this far far away galaxy!

Which are your favorite film scenes?

We all have memorable scenes from a film in our minds. Which are yours? Red Curtain Cinema will share a few but we are very keen on discovering yours! Don't be shy cinema lovers! 

This is our first memorable scene from "Road to Perdition" (Spoiler alert). Incredibly well-shot accompanied by the great musical skills from Thomas Newman and with the presence of two colossal actors: Paul Newman and Tom Hanks. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

More music to Red Curtain's playlist!

We opened the music playlist and only saw dust! We cleant it and added a few more beautiful music scores. Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (Bad,2/5)

An already familiar tale told through the eyes of an unconfident and uninteresting teenager. A very strange film.

Another story of a teenager dying from a disease. Another foreseeable movie ending. The Fault in Our Stars rings a bell to you? We all know what is going to happen, however it is the trip to that ending that matters. Is it going to be moving? Is it going to be funny? Is it going to be dull? All those questions went through our head whilst watching this film. The film is very good at something: at being indecisive. It surely wanted to reflect the main character's personality of Greg, portrayed decently by Thomas Mann. At a first glance he has none but then it changes. Perhaps this is the strongest aspect of the film: while we discover a complexity and depth, the movie starts to be more mature in its focus and storytelling. That was pretty original. However it is a shame that the other characters (especially Earl) are deeply superficial. Even our dear Dying Girl (Olivia Cooke) does not make us feel sympathy or empathy. Simply nothing. That's a low point for a dramatic film.

Another strength of the film is in the technical part. Very fresh cinematography by Chung hoon Chung with a very special attention to colors. Also the music by the genius Brian Eno is an essential plus to it. A shame they are not able to save the film. Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and screenwriter Jesse Andrews forgot to give a stronger personality to the characters and to the relationship between the Dying Girl and Greg. We observe it but we don't feel anything. There's definitely something wrong. It only starts to shine at the end. The end is definitely the best part (we would even dare to say that they made a whole film just to get to the well-done ending).
One the film ended, we did not understand the whole critical acclaim with this film. It has certain freshness and originality but lacks of soul. What is originality without a soul? Something forgettable. This is what this film is: easily forgettable. A shame because there were good ideas dancing around the camera but we left the cinema pretty indifferent. Our advice? Just watch the end, forget the rest.


Thursday, 3 September 2015

We are back with more!

For sure, the coolest scene that Justin Timberlake has ever done! From the insane film Southland Tales, this scene is definitely worth the watch! Especially if you love the band The Killers.

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