Friday, 15 January 2016

The Danish Girl (5/5, Very Good)

An outstanding and powerful film about a person who decided to swim against the tide of its time and become the first transgender in modern history. A remarkable film.

Watching this film is an experience in itself. Eddie Redmayne once more gives the performance of a lifetime: he is much better than in The Theory of Everything. He would deserve an Oscar for sure in this film. The transformation of Geinar into Lili, this woman whom we always aspired to be, is simple so subtle and so natural. This change in the main character, accompanied with his very (very) open-minded wife, does not strike us. It is almost as we saw Lili in Geinar since the beginning of the film. But who made this outstanding change? Eddie Redmayne. 

The photography is delicate and composed with great care so that the feminine traits of Redmayne shine on the screen. Beautiful colors as both main characters are painters and every shot is done with a painting. Alicia Vikander is a great actress but however her talent is shaded by the grandeur of Redmayne. We do acknowledge that her role is particularly difficult and the chemistry between the two actors is very good. The music from Max Richter is beautiful and very sensitive: a quiet and melodic piano transcribes the emotional journey of Lili to become a real woman.

These films are rare and should be seen more often. Transgenders are part of our society and as any human being has such a beautiful complexity to be explored. This true story is worth to understand the courage of a human being that decides along with her companion against social norms. Every dream is full of obstacles to reach it but necessary as we become more confident of our choices. A beautiful film. 


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