Sunday, 17 January 2016

Joy (3/5, Regular)

It is a downward spiral for a woman whose dream is to embrace the American Dream. It achieves to blend a melodramatic environment with a strong sarcastic tone.

Does the new film from American Hustle's director convinced us? Pretty much yes but looses its solidness as the film gets to its end. The film is about Joy, woman over-demanded by her family and a macho-system. She rebels and decides to launch her own business with a new kind of mop. Obstacles lie ahead and grotesquely accumulate over time to leave Joy on the edge of madness.

In this third collaboration between director Russell and Jennifer Lawrence, it is probably better than American Hustle. The script comes out with a fast-pace story and sometimes enervating: Joy cannot come out of her cave and a whole society (including her own family) is decided to against her dream of entrepreneurship. In the quest to reach the top of the American Dream, she cannot but only get hard hits. Of course the exasperation felt throughout the film is good for the viewers to keep up and be curious about Joy's future whereabouts. Nevertheless this is also one of the main weaknesses of the film.

It is hard for us to understand whether the film wants to set a dramatic tone or either be satirical about the American Dream. The ending of the film makes it all blurry and confusing. Too bad because if it was not for that development, the film would have been much greater. Bradley Cooper acts great as the successful businessman and Lawrence is impeccable as this "wannabe" business woman. The support of De Niro is essential to embody the satirical tone, being both a father and the voice of a conservative society based merely on consumption. The film does not stop and keeps shouting, such as an hysterical person until the end where everything goes in silence. We did not enjoy the silence, we actually enjoyed the previous madness. 


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