Sunday, 15 November 2015

Suffragette (4/5, Good)

A film about the women who led the struggle against a system who cherished the value of equality but without taking it into practice. A compelling topic accompanied by electrifying acting from Carey Mulligan.

London, 1912. City of a country kissing the values of a healthy democracy but hiding behind the curtains a repressive regime based on colonialism and exclusion of different sectors of society. This film targets the women who were struggling to have the right to vote. The suffragette were a real historical movement from women who decide to fight against the roles that society were pushing them to be: mere housewives and workers. They decided to make it otherwise, whatever it takes.

Women's vote is still a problem today. It has been legalized in Nigeria in 2003 and isn't still an option in Saudi Arabia. At a wider-scale, gender equality is recognized as one of the main issues of the 21st century. This film takes place at the beginning of the 20th century but women still fight today. Films like these are a reminder that many things in our world are simply wrong. Change must come but change comes with a price. The suffragette suffered them but they achieved what they were aiming for.
Carey Mulligan is at the center of this film, accompanied by the amazing Helena Bonham Carter and the brief appearance of Meryl Streep. Without Mulligan, this film would be a downfall because she is the perfect actress to portray this British mother, wife and worker who had to bear the costs of a repressive and macho society. Her acting is impeccable and does deserve an Oscar. The script accompanies well and seeks to highlight the most significative events in the suffragette's movement history. Maybe this is why suddenly we jump from one year to another quickly as the film wants to illustrate the evolution of the struggle. Sometimes we are so close to Mulligan's main character and we feel empathy towards her. However some other times, we are simply far from her as we don't really see an evolution in her character towards the last half of the film.

This film is a great start for anyone curious about history, democracy, feminism and societal changes. Shooted with a raw but cared photography, we are close to a documentary but the film also illustrates the intimacy of a few of these characters. It is a recommended film, not only because of its story but also because it still relates to issues today that occur in a world showing off with the values of equality and liberty. 


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