Sunday, 15 November 2015

Knock Knock (1/5, Horrible)

Keanu Reeves + Eli Roth together. That sounds promising...Red Curtain Cinema decided to give a chance to a terrible actor and to a director known for its grotesque and black-humor approach. The result: a pathetic film.  

Any film from Eli Roth rhymes with hysteria, sadistic torture and psychological violence. He embraces once more these rules in his latest film. The result of it? A pretty boring film, with nothing to give and to value from. Even Keanu Reeves (what is he doing in here?), playing the role-model father of a happy american family cannot achieve any credible acting. The two psycho girls (portrated by Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas) are merely hysteric girls enjoying cruel practices and good music.

The only good thing from this film is the soundtrack. The songs have been carefully chosen to match lyrics along with the degradation of this man's life. As the movie goes on, the violence intensifies and the narrative looses sense. We feel this is once more another Hostel or Saw film. Do we really need another round like those? Not really. Those horror films are finished. Get over it Eli Roth. 
To conclude, a poor script with a very poor acting and a cool soundtrack. The ending is fun but cannot save this terrible film. Don't waste your time watching it, you'll regret it. 


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