Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Best films of THIS YEAR!

The 2014 chapter ends, another one begins. Really hard to chose the best films of 2014. There are many pearls out there that we haven't seen still (in such case, let us know!). However we couldn't hold the impulse of sharing with you the greatest films of this year. We dare you to share with us your Top 10, let the camera roll! 

10) Guardians of the Galaxy
 Why? Because it became a surprise to everyone: a Marvel-product with unknown superheroes, whose story is privileged over the action sequences giving more strength to the story and personality to the characters. 
 9) Still the water

 Why? Because of its visual poetry, sensitivity and authenticity. A film that reminds us of the influence of Japanese Cinema even today in Western films.

8)What we do in the Shadows

Why? Because the concept is original (a documentary filming the daily lives of a vampire family), it is a very funny film and one of the rare pearls coming from New Zealand!

7) Pride
Why? Because it is the true story of an unlikely alliance between Miners and Gays and Lesbians against the Thatcher reforms in the 1980s.

6) The Congress
Why? Because of the huge talent of Ari Folman by using different cinematographic techniques (real actors and animation) to tell a dramatic story about an actress who discovers that the only way to succeed in this competitive world is to follow the most crazy dreams of people.

5)The Wolf of Wall Street 
 Why?  Because it is the return of Martin Scorsese with his provocative and daring touch. The grotesque and the limitless life of most successful people in Wall Street is both surreal and realist at the same time.

4) The Dallas Buyers Club
Why? Because McConaughey and Leto are incredible and they are both able to break your heart with this story of peole and their daily struggles with HIV.

3) Interstellar
Why? Because this is our "2001: The Space Odyssey" and enhanced so many philosophical and scientific analyses that gave this film a complexity forgotten in movies. 

2) Her
Why? Because it is a very touching film led by the great Joaquin Phoenix and the voice of Scarlett Johanson. We live and feel intensively this bizarre love story. 

Why? Because it is, by far , one of the best movies of the last 10 years. An authentic story of a young man going through different obstacles to keep on doing what we all do: to live our lives.

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