Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Theory Of Everything (4/5, Good)

This film assumed the challenge of telling the story of scientist Stephen Hawking putting forward the difficulties faced in his marriage. Was it worth it? Definitely.
Biopics are always difficult. Actually there aren't many of them which are brilliant, excepting  A Beautiful Mind and Ray. How can you tell the real story without undermining cinematographic elements such as humor, romance, drama. This film definitely handles its task at its best and harmonises both love story and scientific achievements from Stephen Hawking. 

The film focuses on Stephen Hawking (great acting by Eddie Redmayne) and his first wife Jane (Felicity Jones). She was a PhD student on medieval poetry, he was a doctoral student trying to explain the laws of the universe. A strong love is emerging from their hearts but when it is met, Stephen starts to suffer a disease. He is given two years to live. Wanting to stay by his side, Jane takes care of Stephen until destiny would separate them. However time goes by, a family is made and many questions arise within the couple. Are they made to be together? 

Good cinematography supported by a solid script. Whenever there is darkness, there is light. Whenever there is light, there is darkness. We follow this couple facing peculiar challenges in their destiny and how it affects them.Besides suffering uncommon issues (progressive physical degradation of Hawking) there is honesty in this story. Facing obstacles in life arises doubts and questions. Don't we all? 

This film achieves to tell the remarkable story of this couple, but however from Jane's point of view. We could have expected a more developed story from Stephen and the theme of a bright mind being trapped in a body. We see this latter on his sunny side and we can't explore the dark one. That could be the topic of a new film. Still, buy your tickets for this one! 



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