Friday, 26 September 2014

Movie songs for the weekend

Finally it's the weekend and we need to clear our heads from this crazy world. Some will want to rock the weekend, some others to chill. Red Curtain Cinema gives you a taste for different moods!

 For Rockers:

  • The Ramones-Pet Sematary (for the movie Pet Sematary (1989))

The greatest punk band of all times came up with this big hit for a terrible horror movie. This song is actually more scary than the movie.

  • Survivor- The eye of the tiger (for the movie Rocky III) 

Feel like smashing something? Just push play and Survivor will tell you how to give a good punch like Rocky. 

For the 80's lovers:

  • Ray Parker Jr.- Ghostbusters (for the movie Ghostbusters (1984))

This song was made to be in this list. This song IS the 1980s. That was definitely the kind of commercial music that was made by then. Enjoy ....oh and you know who to call!

  • Huey Lewis and the News- The power of love (for the movie Back to the Future (1985))

What a good song! It has been reported when Back to the Future had its theatrical re-release in 2010, people were dancing to this song in the cinemas. You can do the same, just ask the projectionist in your local cinema to put this tune through the speakers.  

  • Simple Minds- Don't you forget about me (for the movie Breakfast Club(1985)) 

Who would forget Simple Minds? Also, who would forget those rebels at school? Actually, who can forget the 1980s? Play it loud!

For the Romantics:

  • Aerosmith- I don't want to miss a thing (for the movie Armagedon (1998))

 Aerosmith's biggest hit so far (and ironically, the only song they haven't written). Any romantic person born in the 1990s knows this song. Just dance to it with the person you like, a kiss will come afterwards.

  • Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova-Falling Slowly (for the movie Once (2006)).

Actually this song is pretty sad but romantic as well. This Oscar winning song was written for a low-budget movie telling a simple love story. Let the sweet voices and melody take you. 

For the Dreamers:

  • Lisa Gerrard (feat. Hans Zimmer)- Now we are free (for the movie Gladiator (2000)) 

Close your eyes and let Lisa Gerrard tell you a story back in time. An incredible soundtrack (by Hans Zimmer) with many Asian and African influences. Turn the lights off and dream. 

  • Lebo M (feat. Hans Zimmer)- The Journey-Kopano part III (for the movie Tears of the Sun (2003))

Curious song in a bad movie. Lebo M ( yes, the same guy singing at the beginning of the Lion King) singing for peace in Africa. There is sweetness and sadness in his voice. Powerful.

Bonus song:          Michael J. Fox- Johnny B. Goode (guess which movie) 

We have to end this post with a good song. Next weekend, another post for movie soundtracks! Rock'n roll guys.

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