Friday, 26 September 2014

Pride (5/5, Very Good)

Red Curtain Cinema is having a great moment. We have never spent our money so well in a long time. This is a movie that you should go to see now (we mean, right now) to the cinemas.

Touching, moving. Those are the best words that describes this true story, set in 1980s in the UK. Miners were on strike challenging the overwhelming authority of Thatcher's government. A conservative society was supporting the concepts of ''modernization'' and "economic efficiency". The miners were the first victim of this process. Meanwhile, we follow a group of Gays and Lesbians in central London who, in solidarity with miners, decide to stand beside them and support them. They have too much things in common: they are pride of what they are and they are ready to fight for their identity. An unlikely alliance, what would happen?

Director Matthew Warchus(with a big CV in the West End and Broadway) directs his first film-feature with a classic but sensitive topic: discrimination vs empathy . However he manages to tell this story through comedy. Pride wants to put into the spotlight an unlikely alliance between two groups  with a light and cheerful tone. This tone is built through its music (the happy"gay music" of the 1980s) and overall, the wide-range of actors (from young to veterans) who created these genuinely touching characters. In dark times, there are always moments of love and happiness.

Nevertheless the script does not dismiss great social issues that are still relevant today: homophobia, AIDS, poverty. Those two tones are build in harmony and the result is a very touching film. Certain elements can be criticized ( stereotypes such as an evil homophobic character) but the high quality of the topic shuts these down. When the movie was over, there was a stand-up ovation. Red Curtain Cinema was also applauding.

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