Friday, 3 October 2014

Another weekend, new Movie songs!

A new weekend lies ahead. A new homage to a genre that is slowly dying.


Chad Kroeger feat. Josey Scott- Hero (from the movie Spiderman (2002))

This is not the new trash which Sony developed a few years ago with 'The Amazing Spiderman'. This is Sam Raimi's version and for me, one of the best Spiderman features ever (especially its sequel). Why is it nostalgic? Pop songs like these are something from the past.

Michael Jackson- Will you be there? (from the movie Free Willy (1993))

Could you believe that Michael Jackson wrote this song specially for Free Willy? This family drama was apparently, one of Jackson's favorite (for some, that would not be surprising). Many of us liked that film ( Red Curtain Cinema admits that they bought many tickets to see it in the cinema) but the song is definitely the best outcome. The gospel touch along with the sad tone of Jackson's makes you remember an old friendship.

Rockers :

U2- Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss Me, Kill me (from the movie Batman Forever (1995))

The movie was crap (but quite good compared to Batman and Robin (1997)). This dark song is not one's of most famous U2 songs and still, it is one of their best. The Edge with his powerful guitar and riffs gives life to the darkness of Batman and the city of Gotham.

See the brilliant videoclip here:

Limp Bizkit- Take a look around (from the movie Mission Impossible 2 (2000))

Most teenagers of the 1990s will recognize that they loved this song. It is impossible to imagine today that a new-wave song would promote a blockbuster such as Mission Impossible. Nevertheless the formula worked and both the song and movie were a hit.

Romantics: A short note for you guys. You wouldn't imagine how many romantic songs exist out there. Red Curtain Cinema cannot put all of them in here- unless you demand it- so sneak around and romantic songs will find you!

Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey-When you believe (from the movie Prince of Egypt (1999))

Dreamworks thought about gathering two of the biggest pop-stars of all time for promoting their brand new feature. Two huge voices singing a song about hope. The result? A success.

Seal- Kiss from a rose (from the movie Batman Forever (1995))

Wait...there was a song for this movie already right? Well, for marketing reasons, Warner Bros. decided to put forward a 'romantic' side of Batman (with charming Val Kilmer and sexy Nicole Kidman). It is so far one of Seal's biggest hit.


Israel Kamakawiwo- Somewhere over the rainbow/What a wonderful world (from the movie Meet Joe Black (1998)

This box-office flop ( you bet, Brad Pitt playing...Death!) gave one of the best covers for two classic songs. The soundtrack, signed by Thomas Newman (American Beauty) is also brilliant. We recommend it.

Enya-Only time (from the movie Sweet November (2001))

This is a movie for people who really don't have anything else ( at all) to watch. The song is what gives a a higher emotional impacts in certain scenes. Despite the song wasn't written especially for the movie, it is its main theme. Let you be taken by Enya's voice.

Lebo M- He lives in you (from the movie The Lion King II: Simba's pride (1998))

Great song. Powerful voices and interesting sound. Too bad this song is not well-known. It reaches the level of incredible songs such as 'The Circle of Life' in the previous movie. Worth it.

Bonus song: Pharrell Williams-Happy (from the movie Despicable Me II (2013))

A disappearing genre? Let's hope not. Music and movies fit so well together. Otherwise, the most important is just to be happy.

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  1. You made me laugh with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston! Nice selection anyway


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