Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Southpaw (4/5, Good)

A dark story about an anti-hero who had it all but slowly started to fall into a spinal of anger and sorrow. An outstanding acting by Gyllenhaal. 

We started to get use to Antoine Fuqua's cheap and cliché stories (Shooter, Olympus has fallen). However since he collaborated again with Denzel Washington in The Equalizer, a fresh air of inspiration caressed him. It was a long-time he wasn't doing a good film. If The Equalizer was still a decent film, Southpaw is definitely an upgrade in...everything! The script is interesting but focuses mostly on this boxer's personal struggles. It explores how much hate and anger can cause self-destruction and decadence. Gyllenhaal is simply impeccable in portraying this man trying to get back on his feet after losing her wide and the custody of her child. 

This film isn't only the comeback of Fuqua but also Forest Whitaker's. He has been known for choosing carefully his film but has failed in that task for a while. Taking the role as the mentor of Gyllenhaal, he embodies a man who has been through dark times and has learned how to cope with the anger. A society who puts so much pressure on individuals to be someone famous, to be meaningful, to be ''utilitarian'' to the world. Those who are left aside, they are condemned to a life of loneliness and sorrow. Whitaker's character represents all that with perfection. Bravo.

Gyllenhaal already deserved an Oscar with Nightcrawler. It is due with this one now. The pace is good and the cinematography is raw and dirty. It illustrates how raw and primitive anger can be. Keeping you far away from hope, into the darkness.


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