Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Macbeth (4/5, Good)

A Shakespeare's classic re-adapted into the big screen with a poetry that hasn't been seen since Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet. A film worth watching.

It has been very difficult for directors to make a Shakespeare's film with a fresher view. Two films in the 2000s decade are a proof of it: Hamlet (2000) and 'O' (2001). Both films were superficial and soulless, setting up Shakespeare in modern times. Director Justin Kurzel understood that he needed to go back to the roots. Shakespeare's prose is there but also the medieval context. Nevertheless Kurzel had something else in mind: the cinematography coupled with Shakespeare's prose to enhance an incredibly intense film.

Fassbender and Cotillard are brilliant in this film, no doubt about it. We do think though that the performances from these actors are being given more intensity thanks to the cinematography. It is literally visual poetry and perhaps among the best photography we have seen in years. It is brilliant and the disturbing story of this greedy couple in search of more power embraces this dark and very well-cared photography. 

Saturated colors take the lead and they all have a role to play. The illustration of the different themes that surround Macbeth are seen with red, white, grey, dark and scarlet. They become characters themselves as the characters interact continuously with them. The score is brilliant and accompanies perfectly this very disturbing story. We feel uneasy and Fassbender knows it when he talks. He is a man with one great fear: to loose power. 

This is a good film, perhaps the link between Cotillard and Fassbender's characters could have been developed more. The play puts these two characters at the center but does not achieve to illustrate the complexity of their relationship. They become poisonous to each other which slowly dehumanizes them. A shame they didn't go further more in that direction. Besides that, thank you Justin Kurzel.


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