Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Terminator Genisys (4/5, Good)

Be prepared people, Arnie is back as the Terminator! A big bet from the actor to give further shine to its action-star status. TG is a good surprise as it comes up with a creative story and great action sequences. Even James Cameron approved the film. 

It is always the same story: going back through time to avoid Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) being killed. This is 1984 (the same set as the first Terminator). However everything changed. The rules of the game are not the same. Everything seems messed up for Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney): why is Sarah Connor a warrior in 1984 when she was described as vulnerable and scared? Why is there an older T-800 in 1984? 

The script is definitely a good surprise in TG. This is not the T-3 or Terminator Salvation garbage story. This one is fresh and is respectful of the the first two Terminator. How challenging is that?! That's already a good starting point. The second thing: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnie is Arnie and he is great. He is funny and performs an interesting portrait of this perfect machine attached to its mission of protecting Sarah Connor. The third thing: the supporting actors. Emilia Clark and Jai Courtney are very good and raise the bar real high: Claire Danes and Nick Stahl (T3) should hide! They are credible and make these characters have something more to say besides shooting and blowing everything up. The fourth thing: the action sequences. Of course, very spectacular and creative. 

TG will never achieve the quality of T2 (of course, it is one of the greatest action films ever made!). However it does respect the spirit of the franchise and puts forward a critical thinking of technology controlling furthermore human lives. Every step forward is dangerous and the Terminators are the symbol of it. James Cameron said it in Terminator 1 and T2. Director Alan Taylor knows it and he adapted this discourse to our post-modern times. We can also add that Taylor made a good job: a lot of pressure for a director used to film TV shows rather than big-dollar-machine-productions. 

This Terminator is worth seeing because it brings back a degree of nostalgia and excitement. However it is not only because of that: the film finds a creative way to re-tell a new story and find dramatic paths to make it worthwhile watching it. This is an achievement, especially considering Hollywood is pretty terrible at recycling old recipes. 



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