Monday, 13 July 2015

5 Flights Up (3/5, Regular)

A mature couple decide to sell their flat in Brooklyn, New York. However a home is tied to memories and past experiences. A film about life and its ups and downs. 

We saw this film in a rainy Friday night. It was a perfect match as it is a film made with heart. Two great actors as Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman representing this married couple in the contemporary New York is magic. They are an unbeatable couple and they struggle through the challenges of living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Do they really want to sell their apartment? It is because it is worth a fortune today? What about their future home? Will they ever find one? 

What is great about this film is its positive tone and its view about the city. Brooklyn acquires its own personality and complexity. It moves all the time being a 'globalized space'. People greet and leave to give place to new other people from different backgrounds. Is it because cities like New York which are changing so fast that people start to get attached to old places and memories? The couple depicted in the movie surely does. The outside world tells them to sell their apartment because it is highly valued. However the stories they shared together in that apartment goes much more beyond a penny. It is invaluable. This is a story about life that gives us so many good things that cannot be economically valued. Love and happiness are intangible. That is the most important. 

It certainly has a Woody Allen touch with the city taking over our characters. It certainly has a feeling of 'deja vu' but its lightness and heart make it a warm story that will make you smile. Sometimes it is good to remember the good things that we have around us. This film helps you to do that.

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