Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Match (5/5, Very Good)

An outstanding film supported by three actors illustrating love, honesty and loneliness. A very pleasant surprise.

Tobi (Patrick Stewart) is a man who achieved a successful career in the ballet scene. He danced and directed many Ballets in the most prestigious theaters around the globe. Despite his notoriety and prestige, he is a lonely man. He finds a balance in his loneliness but also his recognition as a great figure in the Ballet world. However everything changes once he is interviewed by a student (Carla Gugino) and her husband (Matthew Lillard), curious to know more about the ballet world. 

Having seen the trailer at the BFI Flare last March, we wanted to assist and watch the film. Sadly it was sold-out and we had to wait until the next opportunity would come. It was worth the waiting. The film is incredibly intense whilst it doesn't undermine its delicacy and sensitivity. The casting is definitely the best element in here. Patrick Stewart is colossus as this man who behind his humor, hides a very hurt and sad man. Matthew Lillard is making a brilliant come-back after shining in low-budget teen movies. 

These are the kind of pearls Cinema has to look for. It has everything in it: humor, drama, a great photography, interesting soundtrack. All these elements combined together make this film directed and adapted from his own theater play, Stephen Belber. He has the ability to take the story into a powerful ending where the three characters meet and are enlightened by their own weaknesses and strengths.It is a trip which will change deeply the three of them. Highly recommended, you won't regret it. 

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