Monday, 22 December 2014

Film composers: Charlie Clouser

Charlie Clouser is part of a generation of film composers who were influenced by industrial music (NIN) or alternatives to orchestral music ( composers such as Craig Armstrong). Clouser was actually part of the band NIN from 1994 to 2000 and the fans can still identify elements of their music in his compositions.

His music became an essential component of the horror films he was involved with. Many of these became hymns of modern horror movies (especially with the Saw saga). Even if disregarded by many, we consider it as a valuable film composer that knows how to target and bring up a wide range of emotions (tension, fear, sadness). 

1) A Message- Death Sentence Soundtrack
This incredibly powerful theme is embedded by the sound of sadness, rage and despair. Even if the film Death Sentence could be cataloged as a "Serie B" polar movie, the music by Clouser makes all the thrill. This is a remix of an original composition by Andy Kubiszewski but the heavy bass makes a whole difference. We suggest you to compare later.

2) Out of the Fire- The Collection soundtrack

The most valuable tribute to industrial music in a movie soundtrack.Guitars with strong delays and drums setting an increasing tension are another slick of Clouser's talent. This terrible (very bad) film had the privilege of having this guy as the film composer. Enjoy.

3) Hello Zep- Saw Soundtrack

This is his most famous theme. Everyone who has seen Saw will remember this chill and diabolic theme. It is about evil and violence winning over everything. A dark theme that made a difference in the twisted ending of the first Saw (the other ones were crap). Don't think too much, just listen to it!

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