Monday, 20 February 2017

Classic of the month: The Fountain

This pearl was released in 2004 but was a box-office flop. We know how cruel the cinema market can be towards masterpieces such as The Fountain but this is why we created a space here, at Red Curtain Cinema, to recommend films that deserve to seen again.

The originality from The Fountain comes from its philosophical plot that is brilliantly deployed through Aronofsky, the music of Clint Mansell and Hugh Jackman at its best (literally). We remember watching this film and being unable to say anything once the lights turned on. This is not a classic Hollywood film about death but a strong reflection about one of the greatest fears: the fear of loosing someone we love. 

How to control that fear? Can Death be defeated? The Fountain is not only about death but also, and mostly, about life. 3 different periods in history, 3 identical stories: he loves a woman and he wants to promise her an eternal life. The fear of being away from her is unbearable. 

A truly masterpiece as rarely seen in cinema. It avoids all the Hollywoodean clich├ęs and talks to all of us, who have already lost someone.  It has been unfairly forgotten but if you haven't seen it, this is the chance for you to see a film that you will remember. 



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