Friday, 8 January 2016

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (4/5, Good)

An epic comeback from one of the most successful sci-fi saga with the daunting challenge to blend the old school characters with new ones whilst relaunching a new trilogy. The Force is strong with this film. 

There is something inexplicable about Star Wars. Why does it enhance so much fuss? It is magical. Those epic blue-colored words "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." were a timer before an explosion of joy when the "Star Wars" logo invades the screen accompanied by the cult score of John Williams. Almost three years of patience with the biggest marketing deployment ever made suddenly redeemed in one instant. 
                                              New score composed by John Williams 

A new story, a new trilogy. Director J. J. Abrams said: "This film is made by a Star Wars fan for Star Wars fans". We believe this sentence resumes the spirit of this new Star Wars' episode. There are thousand of references to previous films (especially Star Wars: A New Hope) and other discrete winks (such as with the score of Williams). We will not tell you the story but what we can say is that we are fully back with a good Star Wars atmosphere, supported by a good story. After the disappointment of Episode I (1999) and II (2002) we were skeptical. We were surprised by the solid plot, the good script and the stunning action scenes. That is what you ask for when you watch a film like this one. 

The introduction of new characters- Finn and Rey and a complex evil as Kylo Ren (portrayed by the brilliant Adam Driver) give this saga a new approach. The presence of a color character (outrageously criticized by a few) and a woman as the leading ones are a rupture into the classic scheme of action films. This is 2015, not 1977 anymore. Having to combine the classics with the new ones, the story meticulously make path to stretch this bond and make it solid enough so we can enjoy the view. J.J. applies something learned by horror-film Wes Craven: "You never screw with the originals". The script is thus a success: it is funny, dramatic and hugely entertaining. Of course, the action scenes are incredible and anyone can enjoy them. The comeback of John Williams at the score is simply perfect: quite discrete at the beginning but if we pay attention, there is also an incredible complexity in its melodies and tones. 

We won't tell you any more as we have read so many reviews full of spoilers. This is simply a huge film, perhaps one of the most expected in the last decade reminding us that we all have inside a grasp for adventure. This new episode starts really well a new trilogy whilst adopting a cautious approach: not taking a full step into a new generation but slowly going ahead. They don't want us to forget the characters from the previous Star Wars so the similar dramatic development to New Hope can also be criticized. Nevertheless this was a film with tremendous expectations: try to bare with that. Therefore what is our verdict: even if you are not a Star Wars fan, you should go and see it. Rarely are such films who gather people from such different cultures to make it one of the greatest sagas of all time. 


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