Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Everest (4/5, Good)

Expecting to see another survival thriller film, Everest surprises with a story about people looking to fulfill their dreams. A good film by Baltasar Kornákur.

Director Baltasar Kornákur does not sound familiar for many people. However he already built a respectful name in the movies network with films as A little trip to heaven and 2 Guns. He approaches thriller and action themes putting the drama forward and not the action. That is something very complex to make and he is able to do it naturally. Everest is all about that: an expedition to the top of the highest mountain in the world that goes wrong. He could have made another Vertical Limit but decided otherwise and it is felt with the film's pace and great attention to the scene's dramatic tone. 

Even if a certain level of spectacular is inevitable with this Hollywood film, it does not undermine the quality of the acting (supported by an outstanding cast) and a great score. The music is sound, soft and makes us feel compassionate about these people who want to accomplish a dangerous dream. Everyone has his reason to take so many risks to achieve it but it is an interesting metaphor with life. Without taking risks, nothing can be accomplished. There is no "superhero" or neither an "evil" character, just simply people.

Of course we are far from a masterpiece. Nevertheless it is done with humility and with care, considering it is based on a real story. The dramatic scenes are the most memorable ones, especially one with Keira Knightley. It is sadly to say that she has a second-role because we see her at her best.  Gyllenhaal is surprisingly dull and uninteresting but he is also a secondary character. It is a very complex story that could have been told under many perspectives but the focus has been simple: fight for your dreams. Whether it is a matter of life or death, keep fighting. Once the film ended and the red curtain fell back over the screen we thought: "this film was a nice surprise." 


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