Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Sicario (4/5, Good)

An electrifying film about the drug cartels in Mexico and the power struggles inherent in these wars. Very harsh.

French director Denis Villeneuve decided to approach the cartel drugs war in Mexico with crudity and realism. He decides to be graphic in many scenes, involving gore scenes and physical violence. However the great struggle appears in the main characters: they all loose humanity in a world of aggression and violence. Emily Blunt is great in her role as a woman who struggles to fit in a war dominated by men. Benicio Del Toro is the example of the man who has nothing to lose but somehow seems to hide more than what we know. Josh Brolin is impeccable as a man leading a war: harsh, numb and calculator. 

This film blends the best of Traffic putting forward dramatic elements over the policial plot (the social context of Mexico, the anti-drugs politics of the US) and the worst of The Last Stand with a confusing character development and action scenes. This is a genre in ebullition and Villeneuve knows it. The crudity of the photography is a reflection of the harshness and bitterness of this war. All motivated by greed and the lack of humanity due to a global economy that does not help to spread other values. Sicario is a good film because it is a photography of a reality. That is why it is also scary. 

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