Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Slow West (4/5, Good)

An atypical western with bits of comedy, drama and action. A solid film led by Michael Fassbender who never stops to keep impressing us.

This is the first film from director John Maclean and what an achievement it is: it has gained since critical acclaim and won a Price at Sundance Festival 2015. It approached the story through a classic frame: an innocent young boy dreaming with love discovering society's brutality and selfishness. The result is an existentialist western with black humor. The innocence of this boy enhances chaos and further violence in a world of brutality. He has no other choice that , in order to see again the love of his life, to pull many times the trigger. Life is a hard road and sometimes you have to adapt to its violence.

The photography is stunning. It is perhaps the best ingredient in the film considering the story, real short and simple, looses a bit of its charm when we realize that we do not know much about any of them. Nevertheless the beauty of the images and the acting ( fabulous Fassbender) compensates it all. The film pace is slow sometimes but everything we see at the screen is solid.

This is a great film for Western and Non-Western amateurs. It pays an homage to a dead genre and is good at telling a funny but dark story. This is the kind of films that show its love for the cinema. That is why we recommend it. 

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