Thursday, 23 July 2015

Movies that you should have seen in the cinema and you haven't: Episode III

                                          The Hurricane

We will start with a big statement: this is definitely Denzel's best role he ever did. He is colossal, he is a genius but his role in Training Day (and posthumous Oscar award) fits small compared to his acting in The Hurricane.  If there is already one solid reason for watching this film, it is Denzel Washington. We will qualify it as one of the bests we ever saw in contemporary cinema.

The second reason why you should see this film is the story. It is the real-life story about the boxer Ruben "Hurricane" Carter who enjoyed the glory of success but also the darkness of racism in the America of the 1960s. Despite a tumultuous past being convicted in juvenile detention centers and prison, he was wrongly accused of a triple homicide in 1966. Racism was, as it has been many times in the world, the greatest obstacle to fair justice. He became famous for its unfair detention, to the extent that Bob Dylan wrote a song about it, and he wrote a book that was soon left in the shelves to be forgotten. But that was not the end. A young black boy named Lesra would pick up that book many years later and would undertake the path to give freedom to Ruben "Hurricane" Carter. 

                                              The song by Bob Dylan

Even if the history has a few inaccuracies, it is still an excellent film. Moving, funny, compelling...Many words come across our minds when talking about this film. When you have a good story and an incredibly talented actor such as Denzel Washington, the consequence is a masterpiece. Of course director Norman Jewison has also a great deal in this. There is nothing pretentious about the film: the story is what matters the most. 

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