Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Avengers: Age of Ultron (4/5, Good)

Marvel unleashes their biggest money-making title with "The Avengers". There is action, humor and some drama. Is it better than the first one? Worth to think about.

We won't spend time telling you the story. The Avengers is the kind of film you either see or not. However let us say that it is recommended that you have seen previous Marvel films (especially the first Thor, the first Avengers, Iron Man 3 and Captain America: Winter's soldier). With those films seen, you could fully appreciate the film and feel the excitement Director Joss Whedon wants you to experience. 
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The script has been developed with great care and thoroughly. This film has to connect with the new Marvel's "Phase 3" therefore new characters emerge and others are left behind. Joss Whedon had a great challenge ahead: not to undermine the characters dramatic development by including new ones. This is usually a recipe for failure: the examples of Batman and Robin , Spiderman 3 and to a lesser extent The Dark Knight Rises are known. Did Whedon achieve it? Not really. 

The previous film have already set the characters and Whedon has the advantage to play with it. Nevertheless when these new characters (we won't reveal them) appear, we fall once more into the spectacular appearances and no real dramatic development from these. We recognize though the attempt to make a darker story and discover the deepest fears of the main characters. They are beloved by everyone as heroes but at the same time, they are incredibly lonely people.

Of course, special effects are outstanding and breathtaking action sequences are not dismissed. Ultron is a bad-ass character which is a great challenge for the Avengers. Marvel Studios put the bar very high for this blockbuster and an enormous team of people (you could see it with the credits..)  worked up for it. As any pop-corn movie, it is hugely entertaining. Even if we don't have the same excitement as in the first one where the cross-over of the Marvel Characters was outstanding. Besides this, it is a good film to watch. You won't regret your money! 


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