Sunday, 8 March 2015

International Women's Day

Films gave light to the power of women. They are the light of the images, they are the smile, they are the tears and they are the beauty. They give life to the best story-tellers and these latter discovered themselves in the process. How far would be go without women? We thought about a couple of sequences that we could share with you in this Women's International Day. Sequences that are worth the look because not only there were great actresses involved but their genuine sensitivity and strong femininity gave emotional power to the beautiful world of films. We love you women of the world.

The Lady (2011)- Michelle Yeoh

1) Jodie Foster- Silence of the Lambs

One of the most powerful scenes in the cinema of the 1990s. Jodie Foster is the heart of the scene. Anthony Hopkins is stunning but without this other pillar this scene would have been forgotten.

2) Meryl Streep- Sophie's choice

This is the last scene of the movie Sophie's choice. This could be a spoiler for some but this could be one of the most heart-breaking scenes we ever saw in a film. This is an intense scene. Meryl Streep's acting is stunning and put into light the greatest fear of any life-giver: to kill someone who's part of you.

3) Sigourney Weaver- Aliens

Let's leave dramatism a bit and just have a blast with a great action scene. Some will think: this is lame. Nevertheless Sigourney Weaver's acting for Aliens gave her an Oscar nomination. It was something unseen, especially for an action film! Another important detail: it was one of the rare films where a female was leading an action film. It was the 1980s: only big muscle guys as Stallone and Schwarzenegger would take the lead. To see and to remember the cult phrase by Ripley!

4) Audrey Tautou and Marion Cotillard- A very long engagement

This great film from Jean Pierre-Jeunet is gripping and compelling. There are numerous scenes who are stunning with leading actress Audrey Tautou but we thought that this one, with the colossal Cotillard, is excellent. One is a woman in prison, the other one is looking for her fiancĂ©e. There isn't much else to say, you have to watch this scene.


5) Ingrid Bergman- Casablanca 

Let's finish this post with a pearl. This scene is just beautiful. Bergman is genuine: she is speaking to all of us deep in our hearts. She is sensible but strong, she is beautiful and powerful. A classic scene, a classic film. 

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