Sunday, 29 March 2015

Did you know...?

...that Keanu Reeves directed an martial arts film! The film is called Man of Tai Chi.

Keanu has fallen in love with martial arts. After his experience with the Matrix trilogy, he decided to direct a film that would be both an homage to the beauty of martial arts but also to the 'Fukasaku Yakuza film' genre (even if this takes place in China and not Japan). It is a low-budget film but made with love. Indeed Tiger Chen (the lead actor) is a Stunt-man and a personal friend of Keanu Reeves. This latter plays the bad guy in the film. 

Even if it is a bit predictable, it is a fun film to watch. It is good to see Reeves as the bad guy as he was in his best acting role in The Gift. If you like pop-corn movies and also enjoy martial arts, this is a watch. 

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