Monday, 2 March 2015

Is there more buzz around the Oscars?

We realized recently that there is a bigger buzz with the Oscars than with previous years. Even Oscar-nominated actor Michael Keaton asserted the same thing in the red carpet. Nevertheless this wasn't only for the year 2015. We believe that the breaking point was last year's Oscars with the famous selfie from Ellen DeGeneres. That night it was the real introduction of social media into Hollywood's glamorous night. From then, Studios and actors realized the power of hashtags to become not virtual components of Twitter and Facebook but in actual money! Films are more and more promoted throughout these tools. You know what? It works! 

The famous Oscars 2014 selfie
It became a new boost for social media. Look at the upcoming Star Wars (2015) by J.J. Abrams. Everything is being promoted by Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This years' Oscars took social media under its arm and even encouraged actors to tweet on site! 

What a beautiful way to make us feel part of something we all feel excluded. Our interaction is not through our computers or TV anymore but with our cell phones too! Is the bigger buzz around the Oscars because these tools have become more participative to a night which is historically exclusive to Hollywood? We assert that yes.

This year's controversy was regarding the few black people nominated (and actual winners) in the history of this ceremony. #OscarsStillSoWhite became one of the most popular tweets and people discussed about it. What a better way to attract attention and to promote films like...Selma (2014)!.Sadly the whole buzz is not representative of the quality of the nominees (and winners). We believe that the criteria of the Oscars is more and more commercial and less artistic. It was predictable that Boyhood (2014) wouldn't win...but why should it be that way? Can we ask for a revolution in the Oscars? 

Red Curtain Cinema demands for it! We have #ToRevolutionizeTheOscars!

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