Friday, 6 February 2015

Movies that you should have seen in the cinema and you haven't: Episode I

                                                             Empire Records (1996)

Indie director Allan Moyle continued his alternative film style (he directed Pump up the Volume led by Christian Slater) with the underrated Empire Records. Filmed in 1995, it gathered many actors which at that time were unknown to the general public (with the exception of Anthony Lapaglia and Liv Tyler-especially for her appearances in Aerosmith videoclips). Both music and script are pillars to a film who gives an homage to the ending music of the 1980s and the beginning of grunge-rock movement. 
Empire Records tells the story of a crazy group of US suburb teenagers working in a funky record store managed by former musician Joe (Anthony Lapaglia). One night, the employee Lucas (Rory Cochrane) steals money from the store's safe for personal reasons and loses everything in the casino. Knowing that he has to face the consequences of his act, a new day start in Empire Records where people meet to embrace the love of music, to reveal their deepest fears and doubts and continue building a life full of expectations. 

It is vibrant, it is very funny, it is entertaining, it is thought-provoking. Many adjectives can be found to describe this film, who was a big box-office flop, but today has gained a cult-following. It is a portrait of a young generation in the era of free-market where small independent labels were the first victims.It is not only a praise of self-identity ("music is the soundtrack of our lives") but also to stand for what your real passions are. In a context where everything is sold, there are things that are authentic and stand by themselves. The characters in Empire Records seek this whisper of a thrill and  evolve during this one-day story to be upfront with what they really want. 

We offer you a (very cool) glimpse of this rockie film! Tell us later if you enjoyed the film ;)

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