Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Wild Tales (5/5, Very Good)

Different short stories, all related with one topic: violence. Dramatic stories with a great touch of black humor, "Wild Tales" shows that the Argentine cinema industry is solid and powerful.

Seven different stories, different endings but the same tone: director Damian Szifrón privileges black humor and sometimes the burlesque. These collection of stories are representative of an Argentine society marked by social, political and even economic violence. Corruption, individualism, greed and  discrimination are among the elements which defines the characters. We could think that Argentina is a lost country. However, aren't most of these characteristics common to our modern society?

That is one of the most powerful aspects of this movie: it brings down the boundaries of culture and speaks to all. This is not an Argentine film, it is a global one. Violence is everywhere flowing around us: in our thoughts, in our words, in our physical moves. Nevertheless, director Szifrón decides to approach it with humour: instead of crying, laugh about it. A controversial approach? No doubt, but we enjoyed it so much! 

This is another demonstration of the Argentine cinema: it is intense, it is powerful and is not scared of taking risks. The music, composed by oscar-winning Gustavo Santaolalla, fits perfectly to the delicious and scary collection of stories. Discrete at times, strong at others. The cinematography manages to represent the diverse landscapes of Argentina (urban and rural) and to put it forward into the stories. Landscapes acquires a strong presence : either it is a story happening in a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, either it is in the city where the wild rhythm of life possesses the people. 

It is one of the best films of this year 2015 and we don't hesitate to say, a clear candidate for the Oscar of Best Foreign Film in 2015! 


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