Monday, 8 December 2014

Sold (5/5, Very Good)

Dramatic, provocative, heart-breaking. Many words came up to our minds when we saw this film. It doesn't aim to entertain: it aims to ends something. To end sex trafficking. 
The story's about 10 years old Lakshmi (Niyar Saikia), living in poor rural Nepal who wants to build opportunities for herself and for her family. She will go to the city seeking for work. However the dark streets of the urban world made her fall into the trap of sex slavery. Trapped and alone, Lakshmi would risk everything to escape. Meanwhile, a Canadian journalist (Gillian Anderson) is writing an article about sex trafficking in the same city. The path of both women will cross to seek what everyone wishes for: a way out. 

The movie from Academy Award Jeffrey D. Brown is honest. It doesn't want to use metaphors or euphemisms: sex trafficking is a reality. Sometimes it is hiding behind a beautiful fa├žade, sometimes it is explicit. We recognize the courage of talking about a topic which is largely ignored by the media or even the cinema. That is why "Sold" is like a dagger: it shines by its elegance but can cut deep.  

Based on the novel of the same name by Patricia McCormick, the script contemplates the complexity of the matter. However it incorporates humour to alleviate the pain we feel as we explore the terrifying destinies of innocent women. The actors in the film are stunning: not only truly committed to the cause, they are to their characters.They contribute both in intensity and realism.We are laughing, suffering and crying with them.

"Sold" is a great film which tries to talk to everyone: sex trafficking is an universal issue.It is not only a 120 minutes length film: it is also a shout to the sky to start a global movement. Jeffrey D. Brown do not hesitate: he wants us to feel outraged. The only element we criticise is that it tries to adapt this story to Hollywood standards making it kind of predictable. However we value the initiative and we kindly welcome more films like this.


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