Monday, 10 November 2014

Mr Turner (2/5, Bad)

Many times great thinkers and film characters have told us: "stand on your feet, think by yourself." In this society it is sometimes hard to swim against the tide. We had our expectations with this movie backed by an universal critical acclaim. To be fair, we do not understand them. 

Director Mike Leigh (Palmes D'Or for Naked) assumed the responsibility to tell the story of the great painter Turner. This eccentric and controversial painter had definitely a worth-telling life into a feature. However, this is the greatest weakness of the film. There isn't a real story. Actually, little is being said. Sorry folks, we won't create a synopsis where there isn't. 

We felt certain arrogance in this film. Mike Leigh surely felt he has the filmography to tell Turner's life and we can definitely see it through the cinematography. The colours, the landscapes and also the acting ( impeccable Timothy Spall) make honour to Turner's outstanding visions and paintings. However it is felt that we are being showed a plethora of events completely disconnected between them and therefore, empty characters and no emotions. Leigh thought that the great shots would be enough.

Rarely we looked at our watches during a movie. This time we couldn't resist. The film goes really slowly and we do not see or feel what is happening. We haven't discovered something from Turner, neither learned from him. It had a huge potential for being a marvellous film. However it is simply a long film following a guy called ''Mr Turner.''


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