Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Lucy (1/5, Horrible)

What to expect from Luc Besson? The Michael Bay french version is actually worse than Bay himself. Why? Bay recognizes publicly that he doesn't do philosophical films or neither tries to give complexity to a film when such complexity makes the movie worse than it was. He simply seeks to entertain. What about Besson? He wants to blow it.

What we can tell you about "Lucy" is that there isn't much of a story. Lucy (Scarlet Johansson) is accidentally exposed to substances that increases her use of brain capacity. The clock is ticking before she gets to its 100%. What will happen then? There are bad guys and there are good guys. Explosions, fights with a Scarlet Johansson becoming more and more a robot with no expressions than a real person.

Luc Besson, despite a very promising debut in the 1980s with the mute film "The Last Combat" (1983) and a great movie with "Léon" (1995), has only been able to make soulless movies. He seeks to develop stories embedded with philosophical depth. The terrible thing is that most of his stories (he actually wrote more screenplays than directed them) have a great potential for becoming good films. Joan of Arc (2000) is an example: an interesting historical character but too much focus on intense  quick cuts with special effects and hallucinations. The result? A main character with no life, no personality whatsoever." Lucy" is not far from this latter. They are just caricature.

There's only one thrilling scene and that is a car-chase! You can imagine what kind of film to expect. We knew from the start that it wouldn't be a brilliant film, we were looking for a pop-corn movie. However, we just left the room saying one thing: this was crap.



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