Friday, 17 October 2014

Love is strange (4/5, Good)

''My previous films were about the destructive power of love. This one is totally the opposite" said the director Ira Sachs at the London Film Festival. That sentence gives an idea of what the film is about: simply, about love.

The film opens with the marriage of Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina) in New York City. Shortly after that great celebration of love, George is fired from his job in a Catholic school because of his marriage. Unemployed and with a retired husband, the couple cannot afford anymore their Manhattan flat. They will have to live temporarily at friend's places whilst they look for another flat. However, they'll have to live separately. 

Alfred Molina is playing one of his greatest roles since Frida (2002) and Lithgow is marvelous. They are two touching characters, united by love, who faces daily obstacles in order to maintain that same union. Love is everywhere: in our thoughts, in our moves, in our memories, in our expressions. That is why is strange. How could something so powerful, so universal be something unstrange?

Cinematography is beautifully done, giving New York city a background but strong role in the story of these people. Manhattan has something as well to tell and the characters interact with it. The script is beautiful, taking its time to tell this story of two people. Another praise for this film is that it doesn't fall in the cliché of telling a homosexual story throughout a dramatic and dark tone. It is common that films try to tell the difficulties of being gay as an identity. None of that is here. It is a story about Love and Love reaches everyone. We warmly recommend it. 


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